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Smash! is the complete app for players who love to compete and connect with people through tennis. All you have to do is enter your scorecard and opponent after every match, and let Smash! do the magic. Never lose track of your match results again. Compare your performance to other players. Check your improvement. Create your own tennis group. Find same-level opponents, challenge, and play.



Smash!’s leaderboard ranks players according to their match results.

The Global leaderboard ranks all Smash! players. Use filters to find new and challenging opponents near you.

This is your tailored leaderboard. Compare yourself to your past opponents and track your improvement!


Recording your match result is super easy. Just tap on the green ball icon and enter your score after every match. Your opponent will receive an SMS (cost is on us) so he/she can confirm (or dispute) the result. Upon confirmation, share with friends on facebook, instagram, or other!

You can submit a one set match, best of 3 or even best of 5 sets!
We also accept supersets (up to 9 games) and tie breakers.
A draw is not considered a valid result.


Compare yourself to other players in the global or solo community! You will see Win/Lose rate, leaderboard position, and much more. You can also check any player’s scorecard history!

Want to play a match? Just tap on “CHALLENGE PLAYER” and your opponent will receive an invite to play.


A smooth and intuitive profile helps Smash’s community understand who you are. Upload a nice picture, introduce yourself, and let’s GO!

Frequently asked questions

We developed a really cool algorithm that takes into account: wins vs. losses, sets, games, level of opponents, and frequency.

Your position in the global leaderboard is the number to the left of your name.

Smash! is a fun tennis community that is constantly seeking new and better ways to improve your game. We want to generate an exciting environment for tennis players around the globe and connect you with challenging tennis partners.

When you tap on a player´s name to view his stats, you may also choose to "Challenge Player." The player will receive an invite to play, which he/she may accept or refuse. If the player accepts the challenge, you will then be able to see his/her contact info. Say hello, meet and play!

Available on iOS


We want to hear from our community and improve the experience for every person using Smash.
Please, let us know what you think. We appreciate your feedback.
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